Best Free and paid parental control apps for iPad 2020

With the approach of the internet, the answers to anything is just one tap away. Kids of the current generation learn how to use YouTube even before learning the alphabet!

Life sure has become very convenient however, there is a downside to the internet too.

Excessive screen time has made the eyesight of the kids weak at a young age.

Kids can have access to any kind of content on the internet.
And as a parent, this issue should be bothering you.
What one can do in such a situation is to examine what your child does on the internet space.

And for the same reason, we have listed down the top 5 parental control apps for iPad.

Here we will tell you what is the best parental control app for iPad in 2020.

Best Free and paid parental control apps for iPad in 2020

Best Free and paid parental control apps for iPad in 2020
Best Free and paid parental control apps for iPad in 2020

#1 Google Family Links for Parents (4.6/5)

Best Free and paid parental control apps for iPad 2020 google family link

Price: Free.

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  • Suitable for toddlers as well as teenagers.
  • Create a Google account for your child and monitor their activity and have access to most of the Google services.
  • Allows setting screen time limit.
  • Monitors and shows the app activity for your kid’s device.
  • Provides real-time location for your child.


In this digital era, a child from a very young age becomes comfortable in using digital devices. Extra usage of these devices can also lead to many eyesight related problems.
Hence, it is very vital to make sure your child’s screen time is monitored as well as reduced. This app also provides location data for your child.
You can restrict or hide certain applications from your child’s device using your phone.

About the app:

Google family links for parents allows the user to set a screen time limit. It enables the parent to hide harmful applications from their child’s device.

This would be helpful if you are looking for parental control app with time limits.
The app also lets you lock your child’s device at any given time. The service of this application is completely free.
The family link provides the parents with healthy internet choices that they can make for their child. It also gives recommendations for various suitable learning apps for your child.

Google’s family links for parents is one of the best parental control apps for iPad for screen time and time limits.

Bonus Tips:
Instead of tracking their activity, you can keep them engaged in other activities that they enjoy like riding bicycles. It will help them in making friends with real people. Check out the best bicycle for small kids.


#2 OurPact. (4.5/5)

Best Freeand paid parental control apps for iPad ourpact

Price: $6.99/month

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  • Parents can block messages on your kid’s device
  • Block apps for a certain duration during the day
  • Tracks the real-time location of your child
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Less expensive


Parents must observe what their child does on the internet.
Since kids are familiar with how the internet and these devices work, they can get access to content that could prove to be dangerous. Our pact serves this purpose quite well.
Not only it helps by providing the real-time location of your child but it also blocks apps for periods to minimize screen time.

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About the app:

OurPact allows its users to check multiple devices on just one tap. It has a first-class app filter option that blocks harmful apps and leaves out the good ones.
The app also provides a feature to block text messages that could be improper for your child. However, the app does not detect YouTube content or any other questionable photos.

Bonus Tip:
Some kids got addicted because of too much use of the phone. Here are some proven and powerful techniques to stop children from using phones.

#3: Kidslox (4.4/5)

Best Free and paid parental control apps for iPad kidslox

Price: $3.99/month. (free trial available)

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  • Allows the parent to set a screen time limit.
  • Blocks apps and other devices with just a tap.
  • Unique password setup for restriction modes.
  • Filters inappropriate content and blocks harmful apps and websites.
  • Enables you to see the location of your child online as well as offline.
  • One paid account to manage up to 10 devices.


Kids are becoming smarter day by day. While parents always encourage learning, we don’t want our children to come across content that could leave a negative mark on their minds.
Kidslox helps in restricting such disturbing content that could be seen through apps or websites.
The app also provides the real-time location of your family members so that you can make sure they are safe.

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About the app:

Kidslox parental control app allows you to not only regulate screen time but also keep a check on what your child can see.
The first-class web filter does not allow the child to access dangerous content. It gives a 3-day free trial of all its premium features.
One paid account can be used to manage up to 10 devices. From blocking apps or social networks to filtering content Kidslox is a very helpful tool.

#4 SaferKid Text Monitoring App (4.3/5)

Best Free and paid parental control apps for iPad saferkids

Price – $14.99/month.

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  • Allows you to read text messages, web browsing history, phone call history, and contacts on your child’s device.
  • Sets a schedule for turning off the apps.
  • Filters and blocks adult content.
  • Supervises if any age-inappropriate app has been installed and provides tips on how to talk to your child about it.
  • Easy user-interface.


The internet could be a place for accessing disturbing content, the app provides the feature to check web browsing history.
It acts as a supervisor on your child’s phone and approves useful apps or blocks any suspicious apps on the device. Parents must talk to their children about certain topics.
The app provides guidelines as to how a parent can talk about those issues.

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About the app:

SaferKid Text Monitoring App covers 3 major areas. It enables the parent to get access to text messages, call logs, browsing history on their child’s device.
The app provides a 7-day free trial. The app has settings according to the age category, from toddlers to adolescents the app can be used easily.
It also helps the parent to communicate in a better way to their child about crucial topics. Lastly, it helps the parent to schedule time-off for apps on all the family devices.

#5 FamiSafe – the Best iOS Parental Control App (4.3/5)

Best Free and paid parental control apps for iPad femisafe

Price: $9.99/month.

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  • It carries an inbuilt database of potentially dangerous websites that are already restricted.
  • The app works on various platforms, iOS, Windows, Macs, Android.
  • It helps us to see the real-time location of our child as well as their location history.
  • It has a free trial version.
  • Easy to use.


The Internet being a huge space contains positive as well as negative content. FamiSafe allows the parent to block apps and websites that could be harmful.
It becomes really necessary for parents to keep a check on what the child sees on the web. FamiSafe helps to do that very easily.

About the app:

FamiSafe helps us to keep a record of real-time GPS location and check location history. The app keeps an eye on the screen time, allowing us to regulate the screen time.
It has an inbuilt system of “Smart Schedule” that allows us to manage their iPad usage time according to the place and occasion.
It blocks specific websites or websites by category to avoid access by kids. FamiSafe blocks apps that do not age-appropriate.
We can make a set of our specific keywords and get notified as and when these are used on the internet by the child. It has an algorithm that enables us to detect photos with factors that are restricted, like pornography or nudity.


I hope this article will resolve your issue and you can be worry-free about what your child is doing on the phone. Don’t get harsh when you find something you don’t expect. Be gentle and kind and talk to them. Children listen to their mothers when they talk to them politely.



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