how to remove “go to settings to activate windows 10 watermark”

When I first saw the Windows 10 watermark on my computer saying “go to settings to activate windows 10” it looked horribly ugly and annoying to me. whenever I open my computer, Windows is always there to show me this annoying watermark on the bottom right of the screen. and always distracts me from doing my work peacefully.

at first, it seemed like it’s almost impossible to remove this windows watermark from the desktop for free because in order to remove it I had to purchase the windows license i.e. windows product key, 

but eventually in the end after hours of research, I finally found the way to remove windows 10 watermark that too without paying any money.

I later found out that there are lots of ways to get rid of this Activate windows 10 watermark.

so based on simplicity there are 3 ways through which you can remove your windows watermark.

3 ways you can remove your “Activate windows 10 watermark”

1. Remove the “Activate windows 10 watermark” through windows registry

 windows registry

Windows registry

you can remove the windows 10 watermark from your desktop with the help of the windows registry. so to do that –

  1. open Windows registry editor by Press Windows + R, type command Regedit and hit the enter key.
  2. Then you expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
  3. double click on the value “PaintDesktopVersion” in the right-hand window.
  4. And you change the value “1” to a “0” and click OK to save changes.
  5. Close the registry editor and any other programs and restart your computer.

2. Remove the “Activate windows 10 watermark” through this batch file

you can remove the windows watermark with using this code as well.

Step 1: Create a next text document and paste this code below.

@echo off

taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe




Step 2: Then click “Save As” to save it as a batch(.bat ) file, name “Activation.bat”

Step 3: Now run the batch file as administrator

Done! Now you restart your pc or laptop. 

now you will not see “activate windows go to settings to activate windows” anymore on your PC.

3. Remove the “Activate windows 10 watermark” with the help of KMS 

Unlike the other two methods, this is a legal method through which you can ethically remove the watermark.

To know more about “KMS client setup keys”

and “how KMS activation work” you can check here:

I have written a whole post about 

how to activate windows and remove windows watermark, you can check here :

how to activate windows and remove windows watermark

Other than those methods mentioned above you can also use windows activator tools such as Microsoft Toolkit or other windows watermark remover tools to Remove Windows 10 Watermark.


you can watch this video if you’re having any trouble doing the steps

with help of this video, you can remove “activate windows 7/8/10 watermark”


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