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If you’re a working person then you know how important and Super ultra-helpful screenshots are in our daily life.  Screenshots allow you to take a snap/picture of your computer’s whole screen or just the important part of it. and later you can save it on your computer and share it with someone. Screenshots are one of the most important things in the computer or mobile phones. and snipping tool is by far the best tool provided by windows 10 to take screenshots (If you are looking for guide on where to find snipping tool screenshots location in windows 11 then refer to this guide).

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What is a windows snipping tool?

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Snipping tool is just a fancy name of screenshot-taking software provided by Windows 10. Along with the normal screenshot-taking feature, the windows snipping tool provides much more advanced features. 

such as rectangular slip, free form snip, windows snip, full-screen snip, shape snip, etc

snipping tool in windows 10

Use snipping tool with shortcut key

The snipping tool comes pre-installed in the Windows 10 version so you do not need to download it from anywhere.

Just search the snipping tool after pressing the windows home button and you should see the snipping tool in your search results. or you can use the snipping tool with a shortcut key.

However, If you’re looking for more advanced features, such as various screenshot modes, the EaseUS ScreenShot is an excellent alternative to the built-in Snipping Tool.
It provides multiple screenshot modes, including full-screen, window, fixed-size, etc. And you can use mosaic, highlight, and annotate the screenshot as you like.

snipping tool shortcut key

To open the snipping tool with the shortcut key Press windows home button + shift + S

and it will allow you to take a screenshot of the current screen.

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How to save screenshots of the snipping tool

The snipping tool allows you to take the screenshot in two ways, you can either save it permanently which can be downloadable on your PC for reuse or you can save it temporarily which gets deleted after 1-2 days.

Save screenshots permanently in the snipping tool

To save screenshots permanently in the snipping tool, follow these steps:

  1. press windows + shift + S  to start the snipping tool.
  2. select the area of the screen which you want to screenshot.
  3. drag the mouse cursor to select and release the cursor to apply the change.
  4. Now go to your notification panel by clicking the message icon in the top right.
  5. there you should see the taken screenshot, click on it.
  6. Now press ctrl + S to save the image in your favorite location.

When you take a screenshot, windows saves it in your clipboard by default, if you don’t want to save the screenshots permanently but still want to use them in different places other than the clipboard then you have to find their location.

Where are snipping tools screenshots saved Windows 10?

snipping tool screenshot location in windows

When you take the screenshot on your computer, have you ever wondered? where are screen snips saved?

finding the location of temporarily saved screenshots from the snipping tool is a bit tricky, as it is hidden deep into the C drive.

Let’s see how to find the location of the snipping tool screenshots saved on windows 10

Visit this address in your file explorer to see the location of your screenshots, this is where your snipping tools screenshots are saved temporarily.

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy\TempState\ScreenClip

Now you know where do snipping tool photos go, if you want to use this folder frequently, you may want to create a shortcut.

to create a shortcut, simply right-click and go new>shortcuts within the location mentioned above. 

there choose the folder where you want it to be easy to use then type a name for the shortcut and press finish.

Hopefully, this article should have answered you about where do snips go in windows 10 and how to better use the windows snipping tools.


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  1. Good Day,
    The path for me was not quite the same but I was able to locate the “ScreenClip” folder and that has made my life a little easier.
    Thanks for aharing the details!! 🙂

  2. I only used the window + shift+s method and when my PC took the screenshot. I assumed the screenshot is saved. If I did not save the screenshot, does that mean that the screenshot is not saved to my PC?

    1. After pressing the windows + shift + s you also have to drag your cursor to let the pc know how much area you want to take the screenshot, so make sure after press windows + shift + s you also drag your mouse to take the screenshot

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